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Happy July!

I hope you are well and having the most amazing summer so far! I am so so excited about today’s post! This has been in the works behind the scenes for a couple months. I am so so grateful for this opportunity not only to work with an incredible small business but also to have had the opportunity to meet an incredibly inspiring woman. If you have ever met someone you would describe as a human form of sunshine Ibukun her attitude and outlook on life is exactly this.

I am not going to lie to you this post was meant to go up in June but I have written and rewritten this so many times. I was super excited to collaborate with the incredible small business. Due to this however I knew that I wanted it to be perfect, or at least incredibly happy with the post. Therefore, it is going up a little later than expected but I think that I am finally happy with this. 

*Disclaimer I was kindly gifted a necklace in exchange for this post however all opinions are my own *

Infinity symbols: 

If you know me well you will know I have an utter love hate relationship with the Infinity symbol. In like 2010-2012 everyone was obsessed with them and then they died down a little but for me they always reminded me of one person. They are no longer part of my life and for a while it stopped me wearing infinity symbols in jewellery. However over the last few years so much has changed and my outlook on so much is no longer what it was.

When I first found Señero I loved that their whole vibe was telling your story through your jewellery. I think unconsciously we are always drawn to jewellery that represents our personalities and moments in our lives that have all had an impact on who we are.

Jewellery is something that is often thought about as something that is bought as a special occasion and I don’t really go out and by myself any, something that since being kindly gifted this necklace has actually changed a little as I have fallen back in love with simple jewellery with outfits.

Before collabing with Señero I had the most incredible conversation with Ibukun about what kinda post I wanted to do, what her background was and we were sharing our stories. It was this call that kinda inspired this idea.

My Story:

(Disclaimer: as of last month I turned 24, so take the term story lightly.)

I saw a Tik Tok a while back that stated that during season one of Friends the characters would have been (meant to have been) around 24 and at this point they started to build their careers, relationships and year after year they grew more, not only in their careers, and life goals but also as people. There is something so reassuring and comforting about this. So I guess everything you will learn about me during this post is pre my season one. 

At the age of 24 I have officially finished my Masters degree in International Events Management, I have a bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management and since moving out for Uni back in 2017, I have lived in 4 different cities both with friends and independently. (there had been moments of living at home between these moments.) 

I loved living in Twickenham/Kingston during my undergraduate degree as it was so close to central London and yet it was still far enough outside of central London to not be too busy. Also it meant that during the Christmas seasons we got the opportunity to go and see a ridiculous amount of Christmas Lights, alongside living a 15 minute walk from the Kingston Christmas Market. 

During the first year of my masters I was lucky enough to be living in Brighton and if you know me or have read a few of my posts you will know that Brighton holds a large part of my heart. I loved living in Brighton and I cannot tell you the last time I have felt more calm and at peace with where I was living. 

Now I am living in a small little town called Harwich, which is incredible for its history and the amount of different stories that have taken place in Harwich. I have also become incredibly fascinated by the history of witches in the local area. However Harwich is a little too quiet for me. 

Alongside the many places I have lived the last few years, so much has changed alongside this, people have entered my life and people have left. I have a new job and I am finally gaining experience needed to go into my dream career. I have some incredible friends and family. I have slowly fallen back in love with reading and spending time alone. 

I have also started to fall back in love with blogging again, for a while I stopped wanting to write and haven’t really put a lot of effort into this as much as I would have liked to. (I am super excited that this is one of the first long posts I have done in forever).

When I picked out the necklace I loved the idea of it representing the amount of infinite possibilities life can hold. Even on the days where you feel less than your best, tomorrow could bring the most amazing experiences. 

You never know what is around the corner.

The Necklace:

I love how simple and dainty the symbol is and how well it wears.

“The infinity symbol is the perfect way to symbolize eternity, empowerment, timeless friendship and everlasting love. This necklace is built to last, and has infinite meaning. Take your love to infinity and beyond.”- Señero

My Thoughts:

One of the main things I love about this necklace is the fact it is so simplistic and yet so beautiful. I also love that it is waterproof and doesn’t make your skin turn green. The quality of the necklace is just so beautiful. This is one of my first gold pieces of jewellery for ages.

I would just again like to thank Ibukun for the opportunity to work with you. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you.

What do you think of the concept? What is your story?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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  1. i loved that you shared your personal story of not wanting to wear infinity jewelry because it reminded you of a person. this is so true with so many objects in our life. i’m happy to see you’ve pushed through that thinking and are wearing them again. love this piece.

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