Let Me (re) Introduce myself

Happy January!

Well, this is it… it’s officially 2023! With this, I think it is about time I (Re) Introduced myself. Grab yourself a cup of tea and settle in. Here goes nothing.

Hi there!

If you have been here for a while you are probably a little confused as to what happened to All Things Gee and if you are new here… welcome! All will be explained I promise! 

You see I had not planned to fall off with blogging as much as I did, but 2022 for a lot of us was a year that just kept throwing things in our direction. As much as I tried to finish the year off with as much consistency as possible, it just did not feel right and again I stopped uploading, writing or even reading much.

This being said I am back and ready to jump back into one of my favourite things. Once I made the decision to continue/start again with All Things Gee it seemed only right to do so in correlation with the new year.

So if you are new here welcome to All Things Gee, if you have been here with me for a while I hope you love the updated All Things Gee as much as I do. 

I have spent the last month or so preparing to bring it back and figuring out how to stay as consistent as I can around my other commitments, but we are back here to stay!

Why I fell off with blogging?

It’s not that I fell out of love with it, or All Things Gee, it was more that I stopped feeling the want to be creative and struggled with what to write. All Things Gee has been around for almost 4 years now and that in itself is crazy. However with this in mind, it became unfair to continue with it when I didn’t feel like putting 100% into all my posts. 

I needed to take a few months to find a balance in what I was doing, redefine what I want from my blog, and begin to work on the content that I really want to create. That being said I also wanted to figure out a way to make it feel more authentically me.

When I started All Things Gee it was a space for me to share all the books I was loving and little things I love. This is not changing at all however it is now becoming a place for me to share the little moments of my life that bring me joy, whilst also sharing so much of what I love. 

What is All Things, Gee?

It is very much what it says on the tin… it is all the things I have been loving, it is whatever I feel like writing at the time and more importantly, it is an escape and a safe space for whoever may need a little break from what can be an intense reality.

Who is Gee?

Hey there!

I’m Georgia but most of you know me as Gee, and I’ve been blogging here since I was 19 years old. After a little push from one of my best friends. I love to write and read. I have always wanted a space to write whatever came to mind and share with others the books that I have loved. 

I love reading, writing, theatre, and spending time with the people that bring joy to my life. One day I would love to write and release my own novel but for now, this is my stream of writing. 

In 2022, I finished my master’s in International Events Management, and I am working full-time in London and finally getting back into writing and reading as much as I can.

But this is me. 

I thought it was about time I reintroduce myself to all of you, and reconnect with those of you I’ve lost touch with. 

Here’s to 2023 and everything that is to come!

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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  1. Happy New Year Gee! I’m so glad that you’re back and to have learned a little bit more about you. Looking forward to seeing some new posts.

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