The Power Of Letting Go!

Happy January!

Although this is an old post I thought it fit really well with the updated All Things Gee and with some slight amendments it has come back to stay.

There is in my opinion a lot of pressure on the new year to be full of commitment and changes that often we fall off track and out of sync with the things we love. When I first wrote this little post, it was the end of January and I had fallen into a little cycle of worrying that I wasn’t where I needed to be. Not in location but in life and myself in general.

A whole two years on from this post so much has changed and yet the premise of sitting alone on the beach watching the waves roll in and out. Is still one of my favourite things and one of the main things I am grateful for during my time in Brighton. I may no longer be in Brighton and my trips to the beach have certainly decreased in numbers but the power of letting go holds strong in my mind.

When I first thought about writing my little post, I had doubts and almost laughed at the idea. However, as someone who has read many a self-help book, much more spiritual in nature, I decided just to grab a notebook and a pen and write what comes to mind. It is still to this day one of my favourite posts.

Sitting here on the beach staring into nothingness.
For the first time in forever with No headphones, and no book to get lost in. Just me, myself and I. I have time to think. Maybe not think, reflect is a better word.
I have always struggled to let things go. Whether it be people, memories or mere moments that have had an impact on my life…
But as I sit watching the ways flow in and out I begin to understand the power of letting go.
The waves deposit new stones on the shorefront by sweeping away the memories of the ones before.
Just like the start of a new day, we don’t know what each wave is going to bring.
But isn’t that just the magic of an everyday thing?
We never know what tomorrow will bring.
So why hold on to the things that chain us to the memories and worries of the day before.
Why do we not act more like the waves that sweep in day in and day out and lest that it is okay to let go of the negatives?
Letting go of the negatives brings room to fill our lives with the magic of the unknown.

I know it’s hard… I struggle just as much as you. But when it gets tough and the thoughts of the past that don’t bring us warmth and abundance just get a little too loud.
Picture yourself sitting on your favourite beach or anywhere that makes you feel safe. Picture the waves drawing in and out but every time they wash out to sea let it take with them all the memories.
The ones that fill you with dread and anxiety. The ones that do not have a place in the life you wish to create. Watch them wash away with every wave that is drawn back into the sea. And with every new wave picture everything that feels you with warmth and happiness. Things that bring you joy and motivation.
For you are in control of your own destiny let it be the one you spend your days daydreaming of!

It is okay to let it go!

Let me know what you think of this! It is a little different from me and I would love your feedback.

What are some of your favourite ways to practice the power of letting go?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

“Accept yourself, love yourself, and keep moving forward. If you want to fly, you have to give up what weighs you down.”
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

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