Things i Am letting go of in 2023

In the last post, I discussed some of the things I was grateful for in 2022. It then got me thinking. Although there was so much to be grateful for, there are definitely some things that I think need to be put in a box and shut away in 2022.

Many self-improvement books and quotes state that the benefits of letting go of things is one of the most amazing ways to clear out space in your life and home. To make room for everything you want.

So here are some things I am letting go of in 2023:

Negative self-talk/thoughts/Limiting self-beliefs:

I have a habit of taking to heart the opinions of others and then repeating them to myself, I often find myself putting myself off doing things based on the things others have said to me. However this year we are believing in ourselves and pushing to achieve some goals. Everyone has insecurities and we are not letting these stop us from doing what we want to. Working progresses and everything.

Regret of past mistakes:

What exactly is holding on to the past going to achieve? In 2023, we are letting go of the past, we cannot change it. No matter how much we put ourselves through by analysing and worrying about it. Nothing is going to change. We are letting it go. We are growing from the lessons learnt and we are moving on. No more looking to what could have been.

Worrying about others’ opinions:

People are always going to talk no matter what you do. So why not do something you love instead of putting it off by worrying about what people think. That WIP is not going to write itself.

The guilt of letting go:

It is okay to let go of emotional baggage, especially the baggage that is not yours to hold. For the love of everything, put it down and let it go. Take a deep breath and start once again. The emotional baggage handed to you by others is not yours to process. Leave it alone.

Worrying about the future:

JUST START LIVING IT! What is the point of worrying about things we cannot control? Life is short baby… let things go… start working towards your dreams.

As you can see from this list I like to other think. We are also attempting to do this less in 2023. Some things we cannot control and some things just don’t turn out the way we planned them to. This is so okay and what is meant for you will find you. Or at least this is what we are choosing to believe.

What are we leaving in 2023?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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