The Lost Chapter : Top Secret

Happy January!

There is almost only a couple weeks left of January! If you have caught up on my January posts so far you will know one of my goals for 2023, is to finish my WIP. Now after speaking with one of my favourite people and all round life advice go tos. We decided that I would share with you a little sneak peak of this project.

Not only because it’s my baby and I love it but also because if I share part of it, I am likely to hold myself accountable for finishing it. So today’s post is a draft snippet of part of my WIP.

A little sneak peak of the work in progress. Welcome to The Lost Chapter.

It was a misty afternoon, the sky filled with several shades of grey. It had been raining all morning yet the rain seemed to hold off as I stepped outside my home to clear my head. I walked through the park and along the cold and dreary-looking beach. It seemed funny to me that what seemed to be a warm, inviting beach looked as though it wanted to banish all those who visited. On this grey and damp afternoon, the walkway along the beach was busier than I had ever seen,  yet the atmosphere seemed to radiate a feeling of melancholy, it was as if the beach felt alone and sad. 

I walked this beach every day, but my walk never really changed. However today something felt different, I felt as though I had never been here before. The music playing through my headphones seemed to echo a complete juxtaposition. The music was warm and inviting, and the sounds of Andrew Garfield singing Boho Days were sure to put a spring in my step. Unlike the cold and dreary existence that seemed to be surrounding me as I walked.  

I reached the point of the walkway that normally would signify the need to turn around and walk home, but today something was off. As I looked up at where the street ran along the beach, there seemed to be a castle-looking building hidden in the mist. However, my knowledge of this area reminded me that all that was to be found along the street were houses and flats. I knew there was no castle that looked like something directly out of a gothic novel, and yet here I was standing in shock at the fact I could have sworn the castle was looking back at me. The clouds seemed to gather in a dark group casting shadows over the building. The mist travelled free wrapping the castle in its cold and damp embrace. 

“You see it too don’t you” a voice so gentle almost like silk whispered into my ear. 

Startled, my heart began to thud, heavy and fast against my chest. I turned to look in the direction of the voice, but there was no one to be seen, except a crow perched on the railing behind me. I looked at it puzzled as it seemed to bow its head to me. 

“You’re one of us you know,” the voice spoke again as if coming through my headphones. “You choose to believe in the unknown, you can see things that the passing eye chooses to ignore.”

That was just a little sneak peak into the world of The Lost Chapter and my little work in progress. One of my many projects of 2023, however one that I have been very excited for.

What do you think of the little snippet from The Lost Chapter? Something you would like to read more of?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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