There’s No Place Like home!

As January enters its last week, I find myself sat in one of my favourite little cafes contemplating the last weekend.

Literally the weekend before this one I decided not to waste a period of scheduled time off and come down to one of my favourite places in the entire world. Brighton. You may not be aware but two and a half years ago this was home. I fell in love with living in the city that is located with a beach. Now after moving twice since October 2021 , I decided it was time to spend sometime in my favourite place in the world. It would feel like home still… Wouldn’t it?

So on Friday the 20th, I packed my bag, hopped on a train and started my two hour journey into Brighton. I had pre-booked my hotel and I was super excited. It had been a while since I have travelled on my own and I was so ready. The journey itself thanks to the trains had been utterly horrendous but once I stepped out of the taxi into the sea air, my heart melted.

I managed to book myself into the Brighton House B&B on Regency Street and was pleasantly surprised with how lovely the staff were and how beautiful the decor itself was. I was kindly upgraded leaving me in a room that was just like something out of Bridgerton. When I tell you the energy that this room makes you feel is something magic in itself. With a four poster bed and a roll-top bath I was utterly in heaven.

On the Friday, I decided to have a slow afternoon, a little stroll through the lanes and a little shop. I picked up the cutest new pjs that honestly had me channelling my inner Blair Waldorf and therefore this meant a little trip to buy some Macaroons. I then decided to head back to the hotel and make full use of the roll-top bath and get ready to catch up with one of my favourite people.


After what was quite literally the best sleep in the world, I decided to have a very slow Saturday! It was a perfect excuse for a tea and a book in bed. Although I woke up slightly early and found myself far too happy with the sound of seagulls in the morning.

You cannot tell me this is not just cosy at its best. I then wandered down for breakfast and it was delightlful. The homemade yoghurt was everything. It was the best part, excluding the incredibly lovely staff.

After breakfast I decided to take a wander to the lanes and to one of my favourite stores. I stopped in Two Feathers in the hope that Kay was around and avaliable for a tarot reading, she had done one for me just before I left and it felt only right. I was lucky enough that she was in and had avaliablity. I don’t know about you but I think 2023 could just be a good one.

I then obviously went to one of my other favourite and highly spoken about places. I popped into Bird and Blend and grabbed a Butter Brew. Yes like Butter beer but in a TEA! YES IN A TEA! It is magical and just the best thing. I also cannot express how much I adore the staff in the Brighton Bird and Blend shop. They are just superior. There is no denying this.

I then obviously popped to the Brighton Lush store and again I refuse to hear any different but the Brighton Lush staff just hit different. It’s just a whole vibe. I went in specifically for a Bath Bomb because you cannot have a roll-top bath without a Bath Bomb. I mean I left with more than just a bath bomb but hey I felt so happy when I left and the staff are just the best.

Again a slow evening before seeing one of my favourite people. Friendships that just span non constant contact deserve more notice. I love these girls with my whole heart and I am very sad I dont see them as often but so super grateful for them.


I had to check out by 11 so I decided to check out early leave my bags and then come for a final walk through the lanes. I had forgot how much I loved a quiet morning stroll through the lanes. It was a perfect chance to reminse on this weekends experience.

One my wander down the lanes I accidently (on purpose) stumbled in to if not one of, Very much my favourite little cafe at the top of the lanes. CoffeeTzar. Not only do they do the worlds best cakes, but they do a great cup of coffee. Now I may be biased because what your looking at in the photo below is my old writing spot and favourite people watching corner but this smaller cafe location is one of the best. Not only are the staff the most delightfully warm and welcoming people, but the owner can only be described as one of the worlds good ones. There are nmot many people that would remember you after such a long time. This will forever be on my list of favourite place.

I then had to make a little stop to the sea front on my adventures and hey we already know I am obsessed with it.

I started this weekend wondering whether my feelings for Brighton would be the same.

Would it feel the same?

To answer this yes it does, my heart knew the moment I stepped out of the taxi early friday afternoon, that Brighton has my heart in a choke hold. There truly is no place like home.

Writing this on the Sunday enjoying the last few moments of my time in Brighton and it is safe to say I am already planning my next trip back.

Brighton it has been a pleasure.

Until next time.

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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  1. Sounds so lovely. Thank you for sharing your experience at Brighton. 😊

    Pastor Natalie (Examine This Moment)

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