Advice for those who are turning 25

Happy May!

I hope you are all having a wonderful May!

It is officially the run up to my birthday and after a discussion with one of my favourites, we decided that it would be cool to do a little series of posts based around the fact I am turning 25 in June.

One of the main things I knew I wanted to do was to collate advice from people on what they would have wanted to hear or advice they wish they were given. In order to do this I took to my incredible Twitter community, my friends and family.

I decided I would collate the advice and share it with you.

The Advice:

Live life to the fullest & try not to worry too much – I am nearing 40, but I’m glad I mostly lived in my 20s like this! – @Thriftplanenjoy

God, 25. You are so YOUNG. And you shouldn’t have everything figured out yet, so don’t worry about feeling lost or behind or confused. Your only job right now is to experience, experiment, explore and embrace the twists and turns of your 20s- @jennymarston_xo

Whatever you wish or dream to do, this is the time to go for it. It sounds cheesy but I mean, start working for whatever life goal you have right now. But, take a moment to just enjoy the time and the friendships you have. In a few years, everyone will be busy with life.- @bookbugworld

“Be mindful of your money, it’s easy to spend it but one day you might look back think about how much more meaningful that money could have been”-@FourTickets

1) start finding $20 here and there to put into an investment account. This is for your future since usually you’re working without benefits.

2) protect your time: I had a job with a boss who couldn’t understand boundaries and would text me at all hours. I wish I had set stronger boundaries.

3) experiences over stuff: this isn’t something that I learned growing up because everyone was much concerned with permanence and you having something to remind you of someone or needing to do something because I was getting paid and anything else being a waste of time and money. I wish I had given myself permission to just do things for the hell of it. – @LaurenBusser

My Thoughts:

Firstly I just want to let you know all those who provided the advice I am so so grateful for you.

Secondly, I love that a lot of the advice covers the same things, all from different perspectives.

One of my favourite pieces of advice is about experiences over stuff because as you will see over the next couple of months, I have run with booking many an experience.

Also not worrying about not being where you had planned to be is a massive one for me. If you know me you will know I loved the idea of a by the time im 25 plan. It’s not quite where I thought I would be but that is okay.

Does this advice Resonate with you? What advice would you give?
love Always,
Gee xOXO

2 responses to “Advice for those who are turning 25”

  1. Love the advice, especially the second one about having things figured out! I’m turning 25 in November. Happy early birthday to you for June! Great post 💕

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