Two Nights With Harry Styles – Love on Tour Wembley 2023

Happy June!

Guess who is back? It is meeee.

Now, Now don’t let the title alarm you.

It’s not quite how it sounds… in fact to put you all out of your questions me and one of my favourite people in the entire world spent the 13th and 14th of June at Wembley with Mr Styles for his Love on Tour night one and two of wembley.

When I say with I mean with I mean we were in the stadium… this man was in the stadium. Therefore we are clearly besties.


The faces of two very excited people on route to meet each other and then journey over to MR STYLES.


Before I get into discussing the most incredible experience in the world, I have to thank one of my favourite people.

I never expected to make one of my favourite people through a book tour group and our love for Harry but oh hell am I super grateful for them.


I know its not been the easiest couple of days for you but I am so proud of you and there is no one else I would have wanted to have this experience with.

From the chaos of getting ready, to waiting for the fruitman to come on stage. It was nothing but pure laughter and joy.

There is no one else I would rather lose our heads to bohemian rhapsody with.

I love you. Thank you for the best couple of days.

13th June 2023:

Wembley Stadium

For Harry night one we went heavy with the BYOB (Bring your own Boas) that and we went red/rainbow with our outfits. Possibly my favourite outfits ever.

For the first night we were seated and how thankful I am that we were because this man came for our heads and heart. Not only did he just drop in a little freak moment, oh no he really said surprise. No warning he just out of nowhere decided that he was going to cause chaos..

HE PLAYED MEDICINE… I cannot tell you how quickly I dropped myself to the floor when the song started. I need you to know now… I am never recovering from this.

This is one of my favourite pictures because I think it very much shows my utter joy of being there.

After the show we wandered over to our hotel and oh hell am I glad we booked a hotel as near as we did because the queues for the station was not it.

14th June 2023:

Wembley Stadium:

Tonight’s theme was blue and green and oh hell did we take this theme and run with it. I loved this outfit so much but it was safe to say the face sparkles did not last anywhere near as long as we had hoped.

Just a moment for the world’s most sparkly dress.

For night two we were front pitch and standing. We were also by the barrier. I cannot explain to you how incredible the atmosphere in here was. Everyone was losing their minds but the levels of excitement where unreal. It was magical.

A note to the two girls (from Scotland) stood next to us, you were a whole vibe. Thank you for keeping us sane and for holding my hand out of pure excitement for when this man hit us with Love of My life. Not one of us was ready for that song or for Stockholm Syndrome but the pure joy that was radiating made it so much more incredible.

Can we just take a moment for this man.


Post Harry… Grateful, tired, but full of love.

Not only were the band unbelievable but also such a vibe, I don’t think I have ever seen a band who did not stop smiling and laughing the whole time. The talent in this band is unmatched. If you have been around for a while you will know how much I adore the band and the vibes were nothing short of everything and more.

Mr Mitch Rowland we are addressing you and you only here. Your guitar solo to She will never leave my mind and has officially been pushed to one of my favourite moments of both nights. Talented does not cover how unreal it is.

And not forgetting how genuinely stunning and fantastic Wet Leg were. The hype the crowd had was nothing but short of surreal. Well worth making sure we were in the venue on time.

Even if you do not like Harry (I refuse to believe it) you would not be able to deny that this man puts on a whole SHOW. I loved how genuinely grateful he seemed to be back at Wembley Stadium.

The outfits both of the band/Harry and the audience were unreal. The commitments to the whole experience was something that I will remember forever.

Night one fell a week before my 25th and I promise you there is no better way to spend the last week of 24.

Love On Tour 2023. You were magical.

Until next time, thank you for the most incredible couple of days.

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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