Tea and Toast- June Wrap Up

You are just in time make your tea and your toast.

I am super excited about this little series, I have decided that weekly on a Sunday we are going to strip things back and have a chatty weekly round-up. But we are doing a monthly round up to kick start this little series.

I have decided to call it Tea and Toast after the effortlessly beautiful song Matilda by our beloved Harry Styles. This song forever holds a special place in my heart and who doesn’t love a cup of tea and some toast.

If you are reading this post. Press pause and go and make yourself a cup of tea, coffee or any beverage you like. Come back and settle into a little chat about this week.

On Tuesday the 20th of June it was my birthday! I officially turned 25 and with that I knew I wanted to increase the amount I posted over here. After a lot of thoughts and planning, I decided this was going to the way I went. Slightly more laid back and a round up of my.

Currently Reading:

I am currently reading Book Lovers by Emily Henry and I am telling you now I have a new favourite author. I have picked up all her other books and I cannot wait to get stuck into them. Review of Book Lovers coming soon.

Re-reading I am currently re-reading Sanctuary by Eliza-Hope Brown. A romance novel with a twist. It is a new favourite that never fails to have me gripped and a book which is such an easy but joyful read. Unsure if its for you check out my review of Sanctuary here.

Currently Watching:

I am currently watching The Inside Man

Re-watching I am currently rewatching Good Girls as

I am looking forward to watching Secret Invasion

Round up of June:


What a month June was. Full of so much excitement and a lot a lot of different emotions.

In June I got to spend two nights with my favourite human watching Mr Harry Styles at Wembley Stadium. I am certain life does not get better than this.

I turned 25! And with that decided I am going to kick butt in my 25s. So we have started back up our work in progress 20,000 words written and some deadlines in place. Here is the initial sneak peek but be aware boy oh boy has it changed.

It was the first birthday I spent without joking around with my nan that our birthdays were super close together. It is a year of many firsts and such random emotions come with that. I was gifted some sunflower earrings for my birthday and in the craziest of ways they are a great reminder she is always with me. Probably laughing to herself knowing that me telling her I love her still comes with the I love me too.

What I am looking forward to in July:

It is a month of deadlines and that feels me with excitement, and determination but also makes me stupidly anxious. But a completed first draft is coming and that in itself is a huge deal.

Keeping up a schedule with All Things Gee. Sometimes we struggle but thats okay it will happen.

Working on a secret project with my wonderful Daisy… Big things are coming.

What are you looking forward to in July?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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  1. Happy belated birthday! I’m glad you had an awesome June. My husband’s birthday is in July and we’re going on our first vacation of the year at the end of the month. I can’t wait!

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