The Darcy Secret by Kelly Miller

Happy July!

Today’s post is super exciting as we are back with a wonderful book tour and my first book tour with the wonder Love Books Tours. And it is a book based on Mr Darcy. You know I had to say yes.

The Darcy Secret: A Pride and Prejudice Variation by Kelly Miller 

10th – 18th July 

Genre:  Regency Romance/Romantic Suspense 

Format: ePub

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Will a dire family secret lead to Fitzwilliam Darcy’s ruin?

Darcy’s heartfelt conversation with Miss Elizabeth Bennet leads to their engagement. But just when his future could not appear brighter, a dreadful revelation casts a cloud of gloom over him, threatening his hopes and plans.

And when an ominous shadow of suspicion falls upon his beloved sister, Georgiana, Darcy is compelled to determine the truth. Does her angelic countenance conceal a deviant, even dangerous, nature?

In this Pride and Prejudice variation, Darcy and Elizabeth face several grim obstacles, including the sudden death of a family member. Will these challenges drive them apart?

The Darcy Secret contains adult situations with themes of violence and a graphic description of a fox hunt.

My Thoughts:

If you have been around for a while or at least know me in a personal capacity you will be more than aware that my utter love for Mr Darcy runs deep. Last year we went to Bath and had afternoon tea at the Jane Austen museum and I swear life just doesn’t get better than an afternoon tea themed around Mr Darcy.

So when the opportunity came up to review this book, not only did I run head first into it but it was done with so much excitement.

Now I need to make this clear, I am always a little nervous when someone picks up Mr Darcy and works him into a story that is not Pride and Prejudice but I was reminded by a close friend that we cant make a judgement ahead of reading the story.

So I picked up the book and honestly I am very glad to have.

It had me hooked with a sense of relief that although the story was different Mr Darcy still had some of the characterstics I loved.

One thing I really enjoyed was the multiple POV’s and that is going to surprise a lot of you as we all know I tend to struggle when it comes to having multiple POV’s in a story. However Kelly does this so well there is no sense of confusion and its super easy to follow. A huge win in my book.

Mr Darcy has a tough decision to make after becoming betrothed to our darling Elizabeth Bennett he gains word of two horrific acts of violence. It is presumed that these were caused by two female members of his family. Although the acts are blamed on their insanity.

Darcy struggles to come to terms with the fact he will have to inform Elizabeth. What if it ends their engagement? What if it is inherited?

I loved that this novel really does keep you on your toes.

Star Rating:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

What is your opinion of this Mr Darcy?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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