Blogtober Day 10: Spooky Tag!

Happy October!

I hope you are well and having a wonderful start to October!

Today’s Blogtober post comes from answering the questions to a spooky book tag! Created by the wonderful TheArtsyReader! The love I have for them runs incredibly deep and some of the questions are incredible.

The rules are as follows:

  • Tag the original creator (The Artsy Reader).
  • Use the official banner.
  • Answer the prompts and questions.
  • Tag 5 people.
  • Have fun and get spooky!!!

Question 1: You hear a strange noise in the night – the monsters got inside! Which book character would you choose to protect you from harm?

Ermm okay so like hear me out this is a two person answer because i’m not sure one counts but we are going Zade (Haunting adeline) and well Damon Salvatore because well just because okay!

Question 2: You go on vacation and your hotel is located right next to a cemetery. Which book character do you really hope is not hiding in the shadows?

Hades… Specifically Hades from A Touch Of Darkness. I am not prepared for that!

Question 3: It’s a particularly cold night and you decide to stay inside. Which three book characters would you like to spend a trivia quiz and board game night with?

oooo so like the cullens would have to be on my list because listen I was a twilight girl growing up. Or to be honest Sherlock Holmes maybe Hardin Scott. The list goes on and on.

Question 4: Time for a big adventure! The scary book you pick transports you into its world. Where do you end up?

Its not scary or tbh I am not sure if it would count but I am going with the Castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole. If you know me by now you will know I have a love affair with a number of things from this book. The location being one of them.

Question 5: No Halloween without Trick or Treat-ing! Which book character do you think has the sweetest tooth?

Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

Question 6: The fairies are angry and want a sacrifice from your bookshelf. Which scary book has to go and why?

I think I would have to go with Don’t worry Its just a fling by E.L.Todd. It was a good read but not one I would rush to read again.

Question 7: You decide you feel more autumnal rather than halloween-y today. Which book setting would you choose for a more cosy and less scary vibe?

Hmmm! I guess I would have to go for the Pumpkin Spice Cafe by Laurie Gilmore. Let’s be real it just gives off cosy vibes.

Question 8: The witch is cooking up a spell in her cauldron and you have to add one magic ingredient. Which item from a book are you adding to the mixture?

Practical Magic! But only the good stuff!

Question 9: You get to decide which bookish place to visit for Halloween. Which book setting is the scariest – and gets crossed off the list?

Ooo I think I would have to go for the setting for Dracula cause I love me some Vampires but nope.

Question 10: The big day is finally here: it’s Halloween! Which book character do you dress up as, and what would be part of your outfit?

Ohhhh so I am thinking either

The End! Consider yourself tagged!

What were some of your answers?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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