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Hi there, my name is Gee. This is All Things Gee, a little space to share all my favourite things. A little safe space for all the things I love.


  • How Hard Can Love Be

    How Hard Can Love Be

    Happy February! With it being February and one of the themes often talked about in February is love. I thought it would be a perfect time for some themed posts and sticking with the theme of love, what better time than now for a little review. Today’s review will be of How Hard Can Love […]

  • Twisted Lies

    Twisted Lies

    Happy February! If you managed to catch my February TBR you will know that this has been on my list to read for February! Again, I saw this series all over Tik Tok and I just knew I had to read it! I then realised that I needed to read more of this series immediately […]

  • February To Be Read List:

    February To Be Read List:

    Happy February! I hope you are having a wonderful start to 2023. January has been the most incredible month and I am so so grateful. However, I am so looking forward to seeing what February has to offer. As this post goes up I have started my new job role! I decided what better way […]

  • A Touch of Darkness by Scarlett st Clair

    A Touch of Darkness by Scarlett st Clair

    You will have seen I shared with you at the beginning of the month my TBR for January and how I only shared with you two books in the plain of sticking to it… This has gone out the window since picking up four other books during a trip to london. So my 2O23 TBR […]

  • There’s No Place Like home!

    There’s No Place Like home!

    As January enters its last week, I find myself sat in one of my favourite little cafes contemplating the last weekend. Literally the weekend before this one I decided not to waste a period of scheduled time off and come down to one of my favourite places in the entire world. Brighton. You may not […]

  • The Lost Chapter : Top Secret

    The Lost Chapter : Top Secret

    Happy January! There is almost only a couple weeks left of January! If you have caught up on my January posts so far you will know one of my goals for 2023, is to finish my WIP. Now after speaking with one of my favourite people and all round life advice go tos. We decided […]

  • Beyond The Wand- Tom Felton

    Beyond The Wand- Tom Felton

    Happy January! If you know me well you will know just how excited I was to read this book. For this reason and the fact I felt like I would be a little biased I wasn’t going to write a review on this.Nevertheless, I finished this book in a day and oh how do I […]

  • Things i Am letting go of in 2023

    Things i Am letting go of in 2023

    In the last post, I discussed some of the things I was grateful for in 2022. It then got me thinking. Although there was so much to be grateful for, there are definitely some things that I think need to be put in a box and shut away in 2022. Many self-improvement books and quotes […]

  • 8 Things I am grateful for in 2022

    8 Things I am grateful for in 2022

    2023 has come in full swing this week, so I thought it was time for some reflection on the year that has passed. What a year it was, full of ups and downs. I have seen a few people do little gratification posts for all the things they are grateful for in 2022 and I […]

  • Books I am reading this january

    Books I am reading this january

    Happy January! I hope you are having a wonderful January and start to 2023. I have loved sharing with you some of the first posts of this new era of All Things Gee. That being said we have not had a lot of bookish content. I promised you a mix of things and this is […]

  • The Power Of Letting Go!

    The Power Of Letting Go!

    Happy January! Although this is an old post I thought it fit really well with the updated All Things Gee and with some slight amendments it has come back to stay. There is in my opinion a lot of pressure on the new year to be full of commitment and changes that often we fall […]

  • Goals for 2023

    Goals for 2023

    Happy January! We are six days into 2023 and I thought what better way to hold myself accountable than to share with you some of my goals for 2023. You see I suppose it’s a little like setting resolutions, however, no matter how many years and resolutions we have, I never seem to stick to […]

  • 25 Things You may Not Know about me

    25 Things You may Not Know about me

    Happy January! I just want to start by wishing you a Happy New Year! May 2023 be full of magic and bring you everything you want and more! Sticking with the new start you will have seen on All Things Gee so far this January, I thought I would share 25 facts that you may […]

  • Let Me (re) Introduce myself

    Let Me (re) Introduce myself

    Happy January! Well, this is it… it’s officially 2023! With this, I think it is about time I (Re) Introduced myself. Grab yourself a cup of tea and settle in. Here goes nothing. Hi there! If you have been here for a while you are probably a little confused as to what happened to All […]

  • Señero: Tell Your Story

    Señero: Tell Your Story

    Happy July! I hope you are well and having the most amazing summer so far! I am so so excited about today’s post! This has been in the works behind the scenes for a couple months. I am so so grateful for this opportunity not only to work with an incredible small business but also […]

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