Colours by Eliza hope-brown

Happy April!

I hope you are all having a lovely start to April and are enjoying your Easter weekend. After a beautifully chilled out weekend, I am back with another book review, and this time it is a second instalment review. Today we are reviewing Colours by Eliza Hope-Brown, and when I tell you, I have written and rewritten this review a million times because I just don’t think it has done the book enough justice.

*Disclosure, once again I was asked to be a test reader for this book and of course I immediately said yes. I am so honoured and grateful to be asked but this review is my opinion of the full released copy. *

I am beyond excited to get into this review… So here we go xoxo


Different universes. Different timelines. Different iterations of the same people.

Can Dan and Laura find their matching pieces in every world?

The same hearts, different lives. Will love find a way?

This time around Laura and Dan have been friends for a lifetime. Their families have been close friends forever.

One of them falls in love with someone unexpectedly, and one of them takes up a dream job on another continent.

If you liked Sanctuary, you’ll love Colours. The second instalment of the Sweet Inevitability series

My Thoughts:

Okay Okay my loves I am going to need you to strap yourselves in and hold on tight whilst I deep dive into Colours.

Now I need to make two very important things extremely clear. Firstly this is NOT a sequel instead a stand alone as part of a wonderful series. The characters have the same names but their stories could not be more different. Two if you know me and by now I would like to think you do, you will know I am a hopeless romantic with a soft spot for lovers who last the universes and timelines. I love the idea that if you are soulmates your souls will find each other in every lifetime. This beautiful novel gives me this in buckets.

The characters in Colours have my whole heart, similarly to Sanctuary I found myself unconditionally and head over heels for the characters. I was a little concerned about the characters having the same names and not feeling the same connection as I did to the first book, HOW WRONG I WAS. Eliza has this magical way of making it feel like you have known the characters for years and you are just watching their story unfold. I have a serious attachment to these characters, if I could have anyone write about me I know exactly who I would choose, Eliza has an incredible way with words.

I almost feel protective over some characters, because if my friends were in their position oh hell would hands be thrown. But this makes the book almost even more incredible for me because the range of emotions felt in this book is unreal.

There are not enough words, that I could write in this review, to let you know the utter awe inspiring joy I felt from reading this book. I normally struggle with books that have so many different dialogues within the book, Colours did not allow me to feel a struggle in dialogue, the way everything flowed was nothing more than natural and engaging.

One of my favourite things about Colours and the series as a whole are all the beautiful music references and the playlist attached to the novel. I am a sucker for a beautiful playlist and a stunning book.

If you are a fan of a book that will have you feeling all emotions, this is the book for you. I cannot explain to you how much more I want to tell you about this gorgeous novel but in doing so would have to give spoilers, something you know that I try not to do within my review.

Heartfelt and effortlessly beautiful is the only way I can openly describe Colours.

Star Rating:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Another thing I have to mention is that Eliza is someone I can openly say I am incredibly grateful for and for so many reasons but one that I couldnt not mention in doing this review. They made a dream come true from a list of dreams I had as a little girl/To this day.

My name is mentioned in the Acknowledgments of Colours, and it is safe to say I sobbed uncontrollably. I have never been more grateful.

Colours is in my top 5 books ever and most certainly top 2 of the year so far. I loved it so much that it has been chosen as the first book of our new works book club. That’s right it is being shared with a whole team of people who I am sure will love it as much as I did but I cannot help but to want to read again.

What do you think of Soulmates across universes, lifetimes, timelines however you want to look at it?

Love Always,

Gee xoxo

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